Dr YAN Wing Wa

January 2009

Dear ICU friends, A warm welcome to our new HKSCCM website! 

First of all, for this website to become a reality, I must acknowledge the contributions of our website team headed by Dr CHAN King Chung Kenny, and our editorial board headed by Dr LAU Chun Wing Arthur. The present work is the fruit of the technical expertise, creativity and dedication of all team members, and I am sure you will enjoy this website! 

The Hong Kong ICU Community used to be only loosely communicated. The aims of setting up this website are to promote communications and cooperation among different intensive care units (ICU), promote knowledge sharing among ICU professionals, as well as enhance the exchange among various professions in the healthcare field, including doctors, nurses and allied health staff. It is my hope that very soon, through better understanding as a result of this platform, we will open up bigger opportunities for further research collaboration to benefit our patients. 

The design of this website is such that active participation of every ICU in Hong Kong is the one and only one "critical success factor". We welcome you to introduce to us your ICU, put up interesting ICU cases, and besides serious academic material, there is also a "Relax....." section for jokes, quotes, and old things related to the medical field. You may freely comment on the submissions of other people, or write-up on any ICU topics of interest to you to display on this website. We always like to have your feedback, please email us your comments directly, or leave us a message in the Guestbook.

Let's join hands to unite our Hong Kong ICU community! 

Yours sincerely, Dr. YAN Wing Wa 
Chairman, Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine Ltd. 
Specialist in Critical Care Medicine, MBBS(HK), MRCP(UK), FRCP(Edin), FRCP(Lond), FHKCP, FHKAM(Medicine), MSc(CUHK)