2010 Oct 21 - 氣管造口 (繁體中文)

Date: 21 October 2010; Design and content: Dr Arthur CW Lau, Ms HM So, Ms Xiao Qiuxiang

Tracheostomy patient information leaflet in traditional Chinese (Hong Kong).

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2010 Oct 6 - 腎臟替代療法病人單張 (繁體中文)

Date: 6 October 2010; Design and content: Dr Arthur CW Lau, Ms HM So, Ms Xiao Qiuxiang
The Renal Replacement Therapy Patient Information Pamphlet, Traditional Chinese Version
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2010 Jul 1 - Therapeutic Hypothermia

Date: 1 July 2010; Written by Dr Anne KH Leung (Queen Elizabeth Hospital), Diagram designed by Ms Yu Ka Yan (Queen Elizabeth Hospital), Pamphlet edited and designed by Dr Arthur CW Lau (Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital)

This is a patient education pamphlet on therapeutic hypothermia.

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2010 May 1 - Tracheostomy Patient Education Leaflet (English Version)

Date: 1 May 2010; Designed by Dr Arthur CW Lau for the Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine

The information leaflet is specially designed for patient education and for obtaining consent to undergo tracheostomy. You are free to distribute it to the patient or the relatives. A Chinese version will be available later.

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